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Hot Sauce Industry: The New Abode of Flavor Experimentation

The hot sauce industry has caught fire! Quartz declared that since 2000, the industry has grown rapidly by 150% in America alone. It is more than mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and BBQ sauce combined. If you are someone who has recently entered into the sauce and condiment industry, you won’t be surprised to notice that several hot sauce shops are popping up in every corner of the world like wildfire to fulfill the unmet consumer needs. A flurry of new entrants in this industry is one of the main factors driving the production of a wide variety of hot sauces that are easily available in the supermarkets. It is further aiding in increasing the usage of hot sauce as it’s taking up numerous roles in the kitchen. However, the key to the growth of hot sauce industry comes from the item’s usage in all facets of the kitchen and not from the rising consumer base.

Corine’s Cuisine, a Florida-based manufacturer of all-natural spices and sauces, for instance, sells five unique hot sauces on its website. The company recommends the consumers to use their hot sauces not only on culotte steak or ossobuco but also as an addition to chocolate fondue and mango-coconut-spinach smoothies. The most intriguing fact is that consumers prefer such offbeat applications. In short, hot sauces are not meant for only chicken wings anymore. Regardless of how many companies like Corine come up in the industry, the field of hot sauce is growing and people are using it in numerous ways. Below are few of the ongoing trends that will continue to shape the hot sauce industry.

  • Gluten-free: It is one of the most prominent trends in the entire food and beverage sector. Due to a rise in the demand for gluten-free items, sauces that previously contained gluten are now available in gluten-free versions. Kikkoman gluten-free soy sauce is a good example. Also, some of the companies deployed high standards to halt cross-examination with gluten for adopting the gluten-free label.
  • Diet and Health: Consumption of healthy food is one of the main trends that is going on across the globe. Consumers who are following this trend are slowly cutting off specific sauces based on the assumption that they contain high salt, preservatives, and unnecessary sugar. Even older people who are suffering from age-related health issues need dietary items. Therefore, multiple sauce makers are manufacturing diet-friendly sauces and condiments.
  • Environment-friendly: People nowadays are more interested in environmental sustainability and ethical practices. Hence, several companies are selling attractive backstories along with their products. foodtakezone labels and websites often display one or two lines or paragraphs about the company’s history and product manufacturing process to grab the consumer’s interest.

No doubt hot sauce industry is maturing. Companies have stopped focusing on naming their products crudely. Instead, they have begun experimenting with different flavors, toning down the heat, and working with fruit-based sauces to appeal to a wide consumer base. The article further offers insights into a couple of the key developments that have recently occurred in the hot sauce industry.

Mustard or Barbecue: Kraft Heinz Develops Two New Unique Sauces Named Mayocue and Mayomust

Kraft Heinz, a renowned food company, headquartered in the U.S., announced the launch of its two latest condiments in March 2019. They are mayonnaise-mustard mashup and mayonnaise barbecue combo, named Mayomust and Mayocue, respectively. They are already being supplied at renowned retailers and e-commerce platforms. They are priced at USD 3.49 and are sold in 16.5-ounce bottles. According to the company, sauce lovers around the world are combining various condiments to create unique flavors that are taking their favorite food items on to a whole new level. So, Heinz decided to provide its consumers with top-notch blends.

Not for the Faint-hearted: Nando’s Launches the ‘Hottest’ Peri-peri Vusa Sauce

In February 2019, Nando’s, a prominent restaurant chain, based in South Africa, unveiled its ‘hottest’ sauce named Peri-peri Vusa. It is an extremely spicy sauce that blends peri-peri African Bird’s Eye chilies and other ingredients, namely, onion, garlic, and citrus, to provide a distinctive taste. But the sauce was first supplied to Tesco supermarket rather than Nando’s restaurants. For those who are health conscious, the company recommends drizzling the sauce over a salad.

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