The Number Of Various Ways Can You Prepare a Chicken?


The commonly asked concern to chefs throughout is “how to cook”. It challenges me to ask myself the number of methods of food preparation are there out there that can be put on a main ingredient. Let’s try this with the ever so famous chicken. As well as mind you, every part of the chicken can be turned into a recipe. Have you become aware of hen feet as a specialized?

I will go in alphabetical order to ensure that we can add-on if we find a lot more.

1. Bake – there are lots of dishes to cook a chicken; either entire (a.k.a. roasting) or chicken pieces/breasts. We can likewise bake wonderful chicken pies.

2. blanche – you can put the hen right into boiling water first, and after that right into ice cold water, before barbecuing the meat. By doing this you get to lock the juices in. Likewise the water used for boiling can be utilized as chicken supply.

3. boil – boiling chicken either obtains you a good chicken soup or poultry can be steamed prior to shredding and also worked as garnishing for noodles soup meals. Also steaming the chicken prior to barbecuing shortens the cooking time.

You can additionally increase boil a chicken; this is sluggish food preparation over a couple of hours, needing you to prepare the poultry in a pot placed into one more pot of boiling water. It is cooked making use of indirect heat for an extra even cooking. Delicious however you need to be patient for the end outcome.

4. braise – this resembles cooking; you include liquid just sufficient to cover the meats (dark soy sauce or just water) as well as allow the poultry chef slowly. This is usually provided for difficult hen pieces, like the “ayam kampong” (the challenging cost-free range hen).

5. broil – this resembles barbecuing hen; we dampen the poultry items with some sauce, put them on a baking pan as well as cook them for a few mins. These are lovely for sandwiches or salads.

6. ferment – yes you can ferment chicken as well as cook it afterwards. Sounds like a specialty.

7. freeze – cold is perhaps a technique of food preparation; food preparation without warm. Functions for gelato, sherbets and yogurts, however don’t believe you need to try it on chicken though.

8. fry – this prevails in Asian recipes. There are lots of tasty recipes for deep frying hen. We make use of a “kuali” or wok for this for ideal outcomes. The other is mix frying. Once again, ideal outcomes are produced making use of the frying pan. This is quick and shallow frying above heat. Juices are secured and the poultry is prepared in tiny pieces for fast food preparation. Ideal served hot. You can cook easy one-dish dishes, like fried koay teow, using this approach. Yummy!

9. grill – one of the a lot more common techniques of food preparation chicken is to grill or barbecue.

10. microwave – is that a cooking approach? You can add some spices and spices and microwave the hen. What cooking approach is it then otherwise microwaving oven?

11. pickle – yes there are pickled poultry dishes. However, this is ideal consumed with something mild sapling like fresh salad as well as plain rice given the strong pickled flavor.

12. poach – carefully prepare the poultry in some water over reduced heat.

13. roast – this is another popular method of food preparation chicken, as well as there are just so many wonderful baked hen recipes that we can try.

14. sauté – sautéed chicken is an extremely simple dish. It takes just a few minutes to sauté chicken with a little oil as well as herbs/a light sauce. Delicious!

15. scald – this is the first process to clean up the hen; scalding with boiling water to remove the plumes.

16. shuffle – food preparation scrambled chicken is like cooking scrambled eggs; cook shredded chicken or tiny chicken items in a light flavoring. As a matter of fact, we can prepare scrambled eggs with hen. Exactly how around that. Then eat it with rice or as a sandwich.

17. sear – burning chicken offers it a great brownish crispy exterior while leaving it soft on the within, much like browning. It is completed via applying heat promptly to the poultry items.

18. simmer – gently steam the chicken; the sauce afterwards can be made use of as a sauce.

19. smoke – smoked poultry is not the simplest method to cook a chicken, however if done right, the outcome can be a deliciously fragrant, tender and juicy smoked hen. Yum!

20. heavy steam – steaming is a very easy and healthy and balanced option of cooking chicken. Just include ginger and or mushroom.

21. stew – hen stew needs no intro. This is a slow cooking process that is worth the delay; we put some water, vegetables etc as well as entrust to steam to a hefty sauce.

22. sweat – this is a term that I have actually just listened to as a food preparation approach; you can prepare hen in reduced heat over a little oil.

23. tandoor – you’ll need to have this large clay oven for this method of cooking, but worth the while if you have one. This is hen marinaded in yogurt and seasonings, and also grilled in this unique clay oven over a charcoal fire. Hmm. heavenly!

24. toast – Toasting is an additional type of grilling. Perhaps we can blend prepared chicken meat with sauces as well as spread this on some bread to salute.

So there you are … all the numerous methods of cooking poultry. Never recognized we have a lot of ways of cooking them. Satisfied food preparation. Bon hunger!